Welcome to the SmartLoving landing page for the Catholic Diocese of Northampton (UK)

This page has been created by SmartLoving in partnership with the Northampton Diocese to help couples within the diocese prepare for marriage and then to support ongoing family life.

SmartLoving has a suite of resources and courses supporting couples (at whatever stage of their relationship) so that they can grow together in faith and in love.

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Resources for Parishes

SmartLoving Engaged Brochure – print these and give them to your engaged couples.

Marriage Support


It’s easy to get discouraged by our disconnection. Arguments over petty incidents, too busy to romance each other, crowded with other responsibilities. We all go through these periods that we need a breakthrough in our relationship.

Breakthrough the issues at play in your marriage:

  • Identify your conflict triggers
  • Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument
  • Find constructive ways to re-establish connection

BreakThrough Online gives you 3 hours of training with world leaders in marriage education, Dr Byron & Francine Pirola

Who Should Register?

  • Couples in stable marriages who are experiencing disconnection.
  • Husbands or wives, with or without their spouse, in stressed marriages.
  • Those who are separated or divorced and want insight into what went wrong.

Breakthrough Online Course

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